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A.Hughes & O.J.B. - The Retreat

The backstory of this 4 track EP starts with A.Hughes and O.J.B. meeting serendipitously on a Zoom call about the company retreat. After the call, music was exchanged, a connection was made and the collaboration began. The results were a collection of songs that capture the fresh air and vibes of a retreat and leaves listeners feeling refreshed and motivated.


The artwork for the front and back cover of The Retreat EP is designed by @flywiditcustoms with inspiration from this photo taken by @ericaazhao




01 Breathe - 1:44

02 Get There - 3:09

03 No Way Back - 2:20

04 Curtain Close - 2:23

Release Date

April 15, 2022

About A.Hughes

He is the rapper.

About O.J.B.

He is the producer.

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